Do You Know What Sort of Roof You Have?

There may be a couple of approach to construct a roof. As architectural design is proscribed solely by the creativeness, roofing kinds are restricted solely by the legal guidelines of physics and the supplies out there. Certainly, any complete dialogue of the varied kinds in fashionable constructing might most likely fill a dictionary; however this text will talk about among the most typical roof designs. In all chance, you will discover the model of roof in your home, except it’s one thing actually distinctive.


Maybe the best design, the gable roof is believed to originate from the primary roofs that had been easy constructions of sticks or logs leaning at angles to type a triangular hut. A gable options two sloping sides that meet within the centre of a constructing, whereby either side slope at an similar angle. Certainly it would seem as a symmetrical triangle over the body of a constructing. These are the most typical sort in North America commercial roofing Burlington.

Cross Gabled

A cross gabled roof is barely extra sophisticated than a gable, however solely as a result of it options two gable sections that meet at a proper angle. The ridges fashioned by every gable roof needs to be perpendicular to one another; and simply because the slopes on a gable are similar, the peak, size, and pitch of every gable in a cross gabled roof also needs to be similar.

Easy Hip

Easy hip roof as it’s also recognized, is one other frequent sort. Just like a gabled roof, the hip roof has two slopes at similar angles that meet within the centre of the constructing. Nonetheless, the ends are usually not flat. As an alternative, a hip roof options 4 sloped sides so that each one exterior partitions are the identical dimension. Easy hip roofs are advantageous to gable roofs as they supply higher safety in excessive wind or hurricane areas.

Pyramid Hip

Because the identify suggests, a pyramid hip roof is similar to a easy hip with the added characteristic of 4 equal triangular sides that meet on the centre.

Cross Hipped

A cross hipped roof follows the design options of a cross gabled roof, however with the added design options of a hipped. A cross hipped roof matches on a constructing with all exterior partitions on the similar top. It is as for those who took two buildings with hipped roofs and connected them perpendicularly. The part the place the 2 roofs meet is named a valley.


The Mansard design originated in 15th century France and is called after the architect, Francois Mansart, who popularized the roof. Either side of the Mansard roof options two distinctly totally different slopes; the decrease part of the roof is sort of flat and has only a slight slope, whereas the higher part is steeper. This kind of roof was additionally widespread in the course of the Victorian interval of structure and is usually seen all through Europe.


A saltbox is basically an asymmetrical gable roof. The roof options two slopes that meet in some unspecified time in the future over the roof, however the angle and top of the slopes needn’t be the identical.


A gambrel roof is what you anticipate finding on a standard barn. With two symmetrical sides, in addition to two distinct slopes on all sides of the roof, that is one thing of a cross between a gable and Mansard roof. The underside slope has the steepest pitch, and even be almost vertical, whereas the highest slope is extra gradual. Not like a Mansard roof, the gambrel options this design on solely two sides of the roof, as you’d anticipate on a gable.


Flat roofs have gotten more and more widespread with fashionable architectural design. That includes solely a slight slope to enhance water drainage, flats require much less materials so are extra economical to construct. Nonetheless, flat roof usually require extra frequent upkeep.